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CoSyDat  eMail-Checker-TL

Register program


Operating system: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP
: eMailCheckerTL.exe, self - installing file, having 5 MB
Version 7.1
  -  ShereIt Register-Number: 300046897  -  Purchase 29,50 € gross order price


get information about the many features and functions of the CoSyDat eMail-Checker-TL online or by download using the
Help File from eMail-Checker-TL  (710 KB)
or go to the Program-Options and click onto the links.

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The CoSyDat eMail-Checker-TL is designed to list eMail Envelopes (Header) PRIOR to download and classifies them as to be Wanted, Unknown or Unwanted.

Program -Options:

Separated into three Register having different tasks:
bullet Check eMail:
The Register Check-eMail is used for checking of one or simultaneous multiple eMail Account by pressing Query the Post-Box. Only the Envelope (Header) will been loaded into the Registers List but not the containing text or attachments. The envelope data are automatically analyzed and classified into groups of  Wanted, Unknown and Unwanted eMail and listened accordingly. This classifications can be adopted or adjusted accordingly, using the symbols of Marking. After this the actual download or deleting of the waiting eMail can be started by clicking  Fetch the Post-Box and the result will be represented at on of the reading Register shown below, depending on the Process-Route.
Read eMail at "eMail-Checker":
When selected this Register for reading under Process-Route, it displays the downloaded Wanted eMail. The eMail listed, can be read and previewed and printed at the text section as well as manipulated on different ways, including attachments. Using the button Transfer to the Mail-Program, all selected eMail can be transferred to the Mail-Program and when opened there, moved at the "File Menu" into the incoming eMail folder or other of the Mail-Program.
Read eMail at  "Mail Program":
When selected this Register for reading under Process-Route, the number of waiting Wanted eMail at the Server(s) checked, are advertised. With the button Download the eMail by Mail-Program the Mail-Program itself will be opened for downloading the remaining Wanted eMail, whereas the Unwanted eMail still hade been deleted by the
CoSyDat eMail-Checker-TL.
This Panel offers different process information and may have buttons to for Internet access. The Panel can be made hidden.

eMail identification

Identification symbols for each individual eMail at the list of checked eMail are used for controlling the processing behavior (Get, Copy Delete...), when fetching den eMail Accounts. The meaning is as follows:

bullet Get the eMail and delete at Server; as well inserting into Look-Up List Wanted .
bullet Copy eMail and leave at Server; as well inserting into Look-Up List Wanted .
bullet Dele eMail at Server without download; as well inserting into Look-Up List Unwanted
bullet Neutral, no action; no insertion in any Look-Up List 

Use the speed button panel for marking the individual eMail or use the local menu having more options.

Restriction, Licensing

With the button Download (top left of this page) the program can downloaded and installed free of charge for a 30 day evaluation period as ShareWare.
The program will work with all functionality during the evaluation period. When this period is expired, the program must be Registered, using the button Register (top right of this page), to acquire a single user license.

The installation file eMailCheckerTL.exe can be submitted without charge to any body.

New at CoSyDat eMail-Checker-TL , Version 7.0  -  November 2005

bulletCompletely restyled program in twin language English and German.
Replaces the previous version "CoSyDat eMail-Checker" in full.

New at CoSyDat eMail-Checker-TL , Version 7.1  -  January 2006

bulletNew Update Control checks automatically at the backdrop, when the program ins online, whether new versions are available. If new versions are found, a button appears at the title bar and when clicked it opens the online Version-Control.